Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bruce Trail - Walters Falls to the Bognor Marsh

Logged 14.6K on the Bruce Trail today covering from just West of Walters Falls to the Bognor March.

Doug Barber joined me today so it was nice to be able to do a point to point run compared to my planned loop...basically we cut most of the road.

We picked up the trail head going up " On Yonder Hill ".  We even had the pleasure to meet the property owner after the run.  They are great stewards of the trail and really seem to enjoy hosting those using it.

We dam near got carried away by the "Deer Fly's" heading up Yonder but things improved when we headed into the forest.  First 6K were mostly runnable single track  through mature Forest and skirting the occasion farmers field.   The Corn was more then "knee high for early July".....

There was about 2.5 K of quite Country Road before we made it to the entrance to the Bognor Marsh.

After a brief water stop at the Car we headed into the Bognor Marsh loop.

The trail was quite over grown in parts of the Bognor loop.  Running wasn't really a good idea and unfortunately Doug ended up going heel first into a hole.   The Achilles were in play and it wasn't fun so we cut the loop short heading back to the car.

I covered the amount of trail that I had intended today so I was OK calling it a day running 10K less then expected.

The " Steamy Super Hot"  Creemore 50K is looming on Saturday so I may do a short one tomorrow and I think I will schedule rest days Thursday and Friday.

I loaded up the Ultraspire today with a full bladder and really didn't mind it.  I don't expect to use it in most races but if Creemore is going to be as hot as I think it may be I just might use the pack.  

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good luck this weekend!