Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mid 5 - Double up + fartleks

14K done at a mostly 5:10 pace  with 200m fartleks at a 4:57 pace starting at 5K through 12K.   Mentally doubling up is tough getting through  the the first 7K then the rest was a breeze.    At 12K I did a 600m 4:57 fartlek leading up to a 1.4K cool down.    Running at a 5:00 pace or quicker just feels different.  Anything over a 5:00 pace is jogging and under its running.  There is a tempo to going faster thats just plain additive.    After tomorrows last mid I am off for a few days and when I return I am going to increase the lunch runs to a 5:05 pace.  

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