Sunday, April 26, 2015

PYP 50K - Saturday April 25, 2015

5th PYP done yesterday ....great weather ,  great course , great running friends and a time I am very happy with ... 6 hours 34 minutes 57 seconds.

Previous results ....

2010  6:05:13
2012  6:31:05
2013  7:22:30
2014  7:29:04

 So I have turned back time coming close to my 2012 results but still off my 2010 results.   2010 was one of my "fastest" years yet running STWM in 3:29:09 but it was also the year all my runs on the treadmill were at a 4:50 pace... speed work pays off.

 The theme of this years run was what the heck is my heart doing.   I cant recall wearing the HRM on a "Trail" race and this one was a dozy!    First 12.5 lap high zone 2 to low zone 3,  2nd lap solid mid zone 3 pushing to the high end of zone 3,   3rd loop high zone 3 and 4th loop high zone 3 breaking into zone 4 now and again.  Max HR is 165 BPM,   walking up the Ski Hills I broke into the low 160's ....yes zone 4 pushing zone 5 WALKING ... YIKES.  I can more or less hang out in the 142 to 158 but when I get into Zone 4 159- 164 it cant be for long!!!!!   Watching my heart probably was the main reason for knocking an hour off last years time.  

 The day didn't start out wanting to set a time but when  I came through the first loop in 1:33 I thought I may be able to do something.   2nd loop was slightly faster then the first .  3rd loop heading out I was feeling it a bit on the first 4 K of easy running.    Heading to AS 1 I wore a gel ,  all over my towel and both hands.  Grabbed a handful of M&Ms and they stuck to my hand didn't even have to close my fist.  After consuming the candy I paused and washed my hands in the snow solving my sticky problem.   This was the lowest point of the day I regrouped ,  switched gears knowing the 6 hour was out of the question so I concentrated on trying to bring it home in 6 hours 30 min and thats more or less what I did.   4 lap was somewhat the same as the 3rd maybe a tiny  bit slower .   My Quads were killing me and the HR was always pushing zone 4.    I finished feeling like I gave it my all and that was all I had.

 Garmin has an interesting stat that tells the story of my day ... moving time was 6:28:59 vs my finishing time of 6:34:57 ...just shy of 6 minutes not moving ... AS stops ,  bathroom breaks but no pauses for recovery.   Relentless forward progress!

And now all the data .....

Best line heard on Saturday closing in on 25K mark .... two guys together says to the other "  1 Loop ,  OK ,   two loops I can see that but 4 loops forget it!"    Made me laugh.

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Robin said...

Nice work Ron! Definitely a fast one for you. Funny about the M&M's though I'm sure not at the time. All that data is certainly interesting. Especially the heart rate walking up the hills! Crazy. Congrats on a great race. My quads are shot!