Thursday, April 9, 2015

New and improved!

5:00 pace now and all is great!    Its been some time since I actually started running and in my books the 5:00 pace is the Run/Jog demarc....  it just feels different.   One of the reasons I haven't been running faster is because it made things hurt.  The Hokas were the cure for the hurt and I am more or less pain free...bring it on.  Looking at the Garmin data the faster I run the more efficient I am.   My cadence,  vertical  oscillation  and ground contact time all naturally fall into the "Green" category at the new pace.   HR was a wee bit higher today but probably more due to lack of sleep...again!  

Logged a little 5ker today ,  tomorrow 7K ,  Sat 10K then IO will round out my work weekend with at least a 12ker.

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