Wednesday, April 15, 2015

State Of The Union Run

A glorious 36K LSD today.   I have been waiting 6 months for a day like this ,  Sun a comfortable cooling breeze here and there and temps pushing into the mid teens.    Cleared the calendar with one objective and that was to run all afternoon.  I took allot of time at the 21K mark to have Beer and Pizza then shoot some pictures and videos.    It took 5hrs8min to complete the run but my moving time was 4hrs20min with an avg 7:14 moving pace.   Its been a month since I did a long run but I have been running every day and moving faster doing mid distance speed stuff.   With PYP a little over a week away today's run was a good test of sorts of what I have been doing for the last few months.    Coming back on the 2nd is always the best test and today it was smooth sailing.    I was actually faster between 25K and 33K then between 1K and 8K.   I could have used a few more calories as I noticed the HR climbing into the 150's on a could of the bigger climbs.    Did the last few Ks on the trails in behind my house walking the last K as cool down and also because there was still too much snow!

On a really cool note I brought my MiFi ,  iPad Mini and streamed Okemos Brewing off the internet.   5 hours of streaming was only 350mb so I will definitely be doing this sorts of thing more often .... great Classic Rock.

Took a  pictures and a movie  along the river where I stopped for lunch.

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