Monday, May 18, 2015

Good for the Heart

 In the running news lately there was an article about intensity vs the good old LSD approach.   When I look back over the years I posted my fastest times when all of my "training" runs form 5K to into the 30Ks were at a 4:50 pace.   Surprise surprise that was the year I BQed running a 3:30 42.2.   I like running fast,  I like the feel and I like how it makes me feel BUT it can make things hurt so I slowed down satisfied that I have been to Boston and besides I like going long and slow its allot less stressful.    I am more nervous about doing a 5K or 10K race then lining up for a 50 miler!    My beloved Hokas are allowing me to introduce a bit of speed back into the training and I LIKE it!  

 After last nights Sugar blow out I was determined to get a much better run on.    Started much earlier at 11pm is and logged a very good 16K workout.    Everything was at a 5:00 pace and I did the 4:45 fartleks starting at 5K through to the 13K mark where I did the whole K at the 4:45 pace followed by a 4:30 fartlek at the 14K mark then I began a gradual cool down.    HR didn't push in Zone 3  ( 142-158 BPM) until I hit the 6K mark .   Hung around low to mid zone 3 until the 13K hitting mid 150's maxing out at 156 bpm after the 4:30 fartlek.

 I am finishing up my current set of mids and am setting sights on Saturdays 50 Miler.    I will probably stay up today and hope to log a little 5K on my trails with some Hammock time afterwards ... and oh yes I cannot forget the Beer!    

 Speaking of Beer weighed in after my run and I am tipping the scales at around `176 lbs which is my preferred Ultra weight and is 5 lbs lighter then the start of 2015 weighing in just over 181 lbs.  

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