Sunday, May 17, 2015


 This mornings run was brought to me by "Sugar" .  From the start of my shift at 8pm until I hit the treadmill at 3am I consumed a bag of hard candy or about 200 grams of pure Sugar thats close to the equivalent of 5 cans of Coke and oh I washed down all that sugar with a can of Coke!  Oh and I cant forget about the Pizza  and the XL Dark Roast from Tims , no Sugar  but I am sure that the sweet Ice Coffee had some!    I know if I consume allot of Sugar and I Run things get a little weird ...must be an Insulin spike or something because I feel really shaky and have a need o consume more Sugar...YIKEs.

 Did I mention that I have a sweet tooth?

 So I am booting along a few K s at the usual 5:00 pace anticipating my first fartlek at 5K and going 12K in total when that I had too give in to that too much sugar shaky feeling.   Jumped off the treadmill to find some more Sugar then was going to quit but I switched gears instead logging the rest of my "Run" at a 7:30 pace and cutting it short at 10K.

 When things do't go as planned its usually a learning opportunity.   The 7:30 pace feels like I am going backwards but its a darn good average  pace to set in any Ultra!   I was a little surprised at the dramatic decrease in the Heart Rate at the slower pace.

1 -  This is my 5:00 pace and the usual gradual increase towards 140 BPMs.

2-  Thats the walk to get more SUGAR!

3 - 7:30 pace BABY!

The difference is quite dramatic .... going long I would rather be a 3 then a 1!   Going slower yields a  way way lower body temperature a good things to remember on a HOT day.   Going slower also means more resources available to process food.... also a very important thing going long.

So this makes me ponder the Sulphur 50 mile race plan.   If I do a "3" I can maintain things a hell of allot longer then the "1".   Doing teh "1" will most likely lead to a "2" about mid was though Lap 3 ( 50K in ) .  However the race starts early so there is something to be said about logging some faster Ks in the COOL of the day....key here is to know when to switch gears.

So the #1 and BEST reason to go out a 3 and hold it .... it makes the day a whole lot more enjoyable not getting passed in the last half of the race as well as not having to go from a 1 to 2 to get to the 3...that sequence sucks.

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