Monday, May 25, 2015

Recovery Run ...and I liked it!

5K done at lunch the usual 5:00 pace ...even threw in a 4:45 Fartlek at the 4K mark!   Quads were painful to start but settled pretty good as the run progressed.   With a 10K looming  12 days from no its time to switch to a different gear!  

 Weighed in today ,  tipping the scales just under 178 lbs I seem to be retaining fluids.   The last lap at Sulpur was somewhat slow.   I have the "rash of scarlet fever " today which is an indication of too high a core temp for too long.   Its a common thing for me to experience this rash 24-48 hours after a hot run.  

 Speaking of dumb ass I wore my Ultra Spire pack minus a bladder on Saturday.  The pack covers a fair bit of my back and no doubt impedes  cooling! I carried 12 gels ,  S Caps , Hat , Gloves , Extra Shirt , iPad Mini,  Mi - Fi  and an iPod Shuffle .... a little over kill!!!!   The idea behind the mini and mi fi was to stream Okemos Brewing off the Internet .  As it turns out I listened to the iPod for a half loop but never fired up the iPad.   With Gels at the aid station I didn't need to carry them!!!   Bottom line I didn't need the pack.... PERIOD.   It was cool starting out but as the day progressed it warmed up to 20 ,  enough to do me in with what I was packing...LOL.  

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