Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hello Wall

43Ks  at a mostly 6:00 pace done on the track at the Owen Sound Y yesterday.    The picture tells the story ...

 With the exception of a bathroom break around 7K I did a constant run.   All the little spikes in HR and Pace are a result of stopping just about every  K for a few seconds to drink water...micro breaks I would say.   I as going to do Gels at 20, 27 and 34Ks but as I went along I decided to skip them and see how that would affect my Run.   I did bring in 2.5 Liters of Water and did 4 S Caps but ZERO calories.    The HR was in the high 120's for the first 90 minutes the slowly climbed through the 130's in the next 90 minutes settling in the low to mid 140's in the last hour.    Running on empty meant for a little higher HR and it felt a little bit harder then usual but not terribly bad.    As I usually do at then end I did a 3K walk ... long cool downs make for great recovery vs just stopping.  

 Had a restless sleep last night and feel a little tired and a tiny bit achey today but otherwise fine.   Going to take a couple of days of reset hopefullly taking it to the trails Sat, Sun , Mon before a rest day Tues then a return to Owen Sound Y on Wed for a planned 48K Run on the Track.    R4K 8 Hour is just around the corner Jan 10.  

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