Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Y Monday

 I didn't really plan on hitting the Y yesterday but I needed to get a longer run in.  Thought about taking it outside for a bit but then decided with R4K looming going long on the track was a better choice .   Got to the Y around 2:30 quiclky realizing I forgot my combo lock for the locker.  It was pretty warm out so I came  a plan B using the car as a locker.  Paid my drop in fee and told them my lock story and they gave me a loner...very nice!  So I set up my usual aid station getting everything on order I realize I forgot my running belt for my iPod and MiFi.   There was no way I was going to run around in circles for hours without tunes and decided to carry the electronics .... but wait I decided that maybe just maybe the Bluetooth Ear Buds might be able to work through the track and low and behold I was right.   Just one spot that it oh so briefly lost the signal now and again but it was very brief.   So I ran and I ran and I ran.  Plan was to get to 30K in 3 hours ... sounds easy right ,  well not really nut not really all that bad either.   At around 17K someone started playing game with my lap counter.   I run with 6 elastics.  Every lap I move an elastic from the right arm to the left arm.  When there are  no elastic left I hit my Lap Counter sitting at my Aid Station marking a K.   I more or less always know my distance based on pace which really helps when someone plays a trick on me.   After they advanced my Lap Counter another couple of Ks I stopped and reset it to the proper distance making it to 20Ks in a little under 2 hours.    Did not drink a whole lot or bring in many calories 25K to 30K reminded me of that.   The JPG below tells the story ... Heart Rate Rises when body switches from burning the easy stuff Glycogen C24H42O21 to burning body mass,  hopefully fat but organs and muscles can and will be cannibalized.....YIKES!    Now toy can never get enough calories going Ultra long so the ability to switch gears ,  burn body mass and go and go and go isn't such a bad thing.  

Circled is switching from Glocogen to Body Mass.  Also known as "hitting the wall"

Decided to push the HR holding a 6:00 pace through the last 5K.  Hitting 30K I geared it back to a 7:30 pace for a K before doing a 2K walk.    

So I logged a total of 33K today satisfied
that I was able to get in this much needed "long one".

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