Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mid 6 - As Planned

12K logged as planned.   When I start a run I quickly get up to a 6:00 pace then ever so slowly increased to a 5:00 pace at the 2K mark today.  Did 4:45 fartlks at 4,5,6,7,8,9,10K mark then did a gradual cool down finishing with a 4 min walk.    There was a little dip in the HR at 10.3K when I inadvertently tripped the safety strap.    The dumbass at Cybex who designed this Treadmill offset the safety about 2cm off center to the right and guess what ... now and again I trip it with a right arm swing.... I am going to take some pictures and complain to Cybex!!!!


I noticed a trend through the summer into the fall that my cadence was dropping a bit.   I have a suspcion its a reult of running lots of long and slow races through the Summer ... getting lazy!    I have been consciously trying to increase it and am beginning to see some progress.

Cadence ...

More green and less yellow is showing up.   At a 5:00 pace I am in the low 160s but when I break into a 4:45 pace it increases to the mid 160s.   When I run trail its in the low 140's LOL!  

Up next in 24 hours is more or less the same run just 4K longer!  

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