Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Run of 2015 - A fitting end to another year of going long.

  Its pretty cool ending the year running a Marathon yesterday logging 43K on the track at the Owen Sound Y.   This wraps up the Y Runs until late Jan...8 hour R4K is in 9 days ,  I am ready and excited to run the first Ultra of 2016.    I thought I was going to have some company on the track yesterday but Grant bailed at the last minute and Patrick decided to go to Blue instead.   It would have been super easy to bail on the Run as I was a little hung over and had some GI issues ...I wasn't expecting much and saw it as a good training opportunity.   Other then getting to the Y I really didn't feel all that bad when I got going.   13K in a funny thing happened.  HR had been hanging in the mid 120 to 130 bpm ...  glanced at the HR and it was suddenly 141 bpm...WTF?   That usually doesn't get there until a few hours into an LSD.   I continued to watch it climb ,  142,  143 then I decided to walk and it was 144 and not changing...WTF!!!!   Looking a little closer at my Garmin I realized that there was a colon between the 1 and the 44 ... it was 1:44 pm LOL darn old eyes!   After 5K I stopped every K for water for a total of 2.5 litres during the Run .   Did 3 S Caps and gels at 20, 27 and 34K.   Figured the HR would be different but it made squat difference.  Last week and yesterday run were within 1 minute of each other and looking at the average Heart Rate both days it was 133 bpm.   Took an unplanned walk break around 37K when Rose showed up to tell me he was delayed due to Beer drinking at Blue!    Made up for the walk by running from 40 to 41K then I did my traditional 2K walk at the end.  I cannot stress enough the value of a good cool down.  

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