Saturday, December 12, 2015

Mid 5 - Plus One

One more K and one more Fartlek then yesterday logging 8K on my meal break at 3am.   I struggled to get into the Gym ... first I was planning on 8K then I though about skipping it ( I rarely do but often think it) then I decided heck at least I will do a 5K then when I got to the Gym I though no make it 7K but as soon as I started running I decided 8K it is and I stuck to it and it really isn't all that bad.  Two 12 hour night shift left before I stop the Zombie life for 6 weeks.  Planning 12K tomorrow ,  16K the following day then after flipping back around off night it will be 38K at the Y on day 3 ...then perhaps I can take a rest day!  

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