Monday, August 27, 2007

16K today in 1:32:14 , easy run !!! Pace was great from the start , 1st K was 5:13 , a wee bit fast but no too bad . Had some trouble breathing , felt like I had Flem in the back of my throat that I couldn't clear. This happens from time to time but I usually run through it . It started at about the 2K mark and didn't clear until about the 8K mark when I consumed some Carb Gel and water . I think I just need to lubricate the throat a little . I also had a little shoe issue , I usually tie them up like they are hockey skates but I thought I would try them a little looser . About half way I noticed some pain in my right heal , sure enough a blister formed . I thought about stopping to tie my shoes tighter but I kept going thinking it was too late to make a difference .
Been playing a bit with my mechanics , looking to gain some efficiencies . I am more of a heel striker then on the ball of my foot . Found that if I tilt the hips forward a bit that I land more on the heel and the pace picks up a little . Also paid attention to the arm position and movement . I try not to hold them too high , keep them loose and moving in the same plane as the direction I am running . I use to swing the arms across the chest ... wrong ! Anyway the mechanics are important , I like to watch other runners to see how they do it , right or wrong!
Race is on Saturday , tomorrow is Tuesday and I am going to take it easy . Wednesday I am going to do and easy 10K on the treadmill and then Thurs and easy 5K trail run and finally a day of rest on Friday .


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