Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another indoor run blah , blah , blah .....

OK , what do you do at 1 in the morning .... RUN ? Just did a half marathon on the treadminll , 21Km in 1:44:50 . I messed around the first 10K , ran up steep hills and down little ones , walked , ran a 4:30 K . At around 10Km is settled into a 12Kmh pace running flat and it all came together , breathing was easy , I wasnt too hot , heart rate was a comfortable 140 and I was having fun ! it was like I wasnt even running . Started to get a wee bit tired around the 18Km mark but I felt like I could go another 2oK ! Didnt eat during the run but I did manage to drink a bottle of Gator Aid .


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