Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well it didn't go quiet as well as I expected ! Finished in 46:47 , about 3 minutes off what I thought I could do and about 2 minutes off what I should have done !

I attribute this to.... maybe that is
-Heat , I was way too hot . Temp was 25C , Sun and lots of Humidity .
-Leading up to this race I backed way off on the speed when training . Next 10K I will do a few fast runs the week of the race .
-Maybe it was the Big Steak dinner I had the night before

Regardless it was great to be running . The first 1K was in 4:05 ... OOPS , now I did back off realizing that there was no way I would ever be able to keep the pace . I crossed the 5K mark in 22:35 , not bad I was aiming for 22:30 so I was on the mark . The only problem was the fuel tank was running empty . I was hot and my legs felt like stone . So the last 5K was in 24:17 , not the 21:30 I was looking for ... oh well as I said "regardless I was running "

What to do different ...
- More long runs . I was only in July that I started doing 16.4 K runs ! I did 3 of these prior to a 25K trail run ! I think my gains were more mental then physical . So going forward I am going to try to do at least 1 16K run a week . I will run outdoors until the winter then for the very frozen months I will do a 16 on the tread mill.
- Save the big steak until after the run! Stick to pasta the night before.

Not sure what my next event will be , this was my third this season and I sure enjoy it !


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