Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Getting ready for a 10K this weekend . I am a middle of the pack sort of runner , my goal is to finish under 45 minutes , maybe some where between 43 and 44 ! I always get a big kick out of trying to guess what my finish time will be .

Now I have read a bizillion diffferent training methods , none of which I subscribe to but probably should . My bottom line philosiphy is " Jut do it" . Good or bad there is allot to be said about just do it !

Maybe its a mind thing but I always like to go fast ! Its like every run is a race . Max heart rate is somewhere around mid 170's . Typically I run in the mid 160s which goes against everything I have read . From time to time I will get behind in the O2 , heart rate pegs and my heart mussel says whoa ! So I whoa ! I like to push it and recover , I really don't think the 10K is my bag but hey I am out there running..... Just Do It .

My last race was 3 weeks ago , 25K Ultra Trail run . For those who like to recover and go hard again this is the best kind of race you can go in . Very different from the 10K crap shot !

I have been doing a 16.4 K loop weekly now for about 2 months . It seems to be helping me with my 10K . Some thing I have noticed is a spike in energy at around 7K in a 10K run !

So this weekends race I would like to do the first 5 ion 22:30 and the second in 21:30 . I know this is the right way to do it and I am hoping that my long and sometimes tuff runs will pay off !


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