Thursday, August 23, 2007

This evening I did my 16K loop in the new shoes , 1:33:14 , conditions were very warm ...24C with very high humidity . I laid off pretty good in the first 1K , it was 5:13 , this started a great starting pace . By the time I passed the 2K mark I felt like I had the rhythm I usually don't find until sometime after 10K .
At about the 10K mark I did a gel pack , I think they are a good idea . It may be more of a mental boost then anything but it seems to make a difference . At around 11K mark I was really feeling good , as a matter of fact just a wee bit on the buzzed side ! It was getting dark , I was running through a Forest ...very surreal ! Had a technical shirt on, the kind that wicks away the moisture . Its better to run with this then no shirt , its like having air conditioning turned on ... I'm sold ! Got a pretty good boost around the 12K mark . Picked up the pace and it felt good , finished the last few meters like it was a 100 yard dash !


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