Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yesterday was a test drive...

....today I did my 10.2Km loop with the new shoes . Did it in 50:00 , I only broke 50:00 once all summer ....hey there lots of hills ! ( 10K pb is 44:51 , http://www.roadraceresults.com/free-road-race-results-search.php?first=r&last=irwin&distance=All )

All of the big hills are in the first 6 K , total climb is about 150 meters . My 5 K time was 24:40, between 5 and 6K there is the biggest climb so its usually around a 5:30-6:00 min/k ! I really picked up the pace around the 7K mark, the 10L time was 49:10 so may last 5K was also in 24:30 ... things are looking up .... its very rare that the last half was faster then the first . From everything that I read being quicker on the last 5K is the way to do it . I am sure that the longer runs will continue to help me pick up the pace as I go through the 10K .

As far as the shoes go, they are great ! What I noticed today .....
- A quick time
-Steep downhill on rough/loose/rocky surface was allot faster ! This can be very bone jarring but the new shoes absorbed the shock amazingly well . It gave me more confidence to open up a bit more in these tough sections .

Its suppose to be a bit warmer tomorrow , today's run was at a very comfortable 18C , forecast is for 27c on Wednesday .... hope to do the 16Km loop later in the evening , have to put off dinner until after I run .

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