Monday, August 20, 2007

New shoes

OK , I got the Saucony Men's Grid Excursion II, suspect that it would qualify as an entry level trail show ..... for me its just perfect !

I went into the Runner Room in Owen Sound, they had a very cool Muzano shoe but it was double the price of the shoe I bought . Its a great store and I will return soon to buy some tech pants for the cooler weather , maybe even those Muzano's too !

I was pretty bagged from working nights but just had to give the new kicks a test drive . Wow, I love them . Like any new shoe the cushioning made them feel a little bouncy . On uneven surfaces they seemed to average out the terrain a bit . Uphill was amazing , the encourage you to get up on your toes and the grip was phenomenal ! Fit was really good, not much slippage and very comfortable . So after first 5K of trail they are a 100% keeper .

Tomorrow I hope to do a 10 or even a 16K run , cant wait .


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