Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Just finished a 16K run on the good old treadmill ! Not my first choice in running these days but when it2 2:00 am and you are at work your choices are limited .

Running on night shift really helps to turn my clock around and it passes time when its not too busy . I didn't get a break last night so I did took a double meal period so I was able to do my long run this morning .

Did the 16K in 1:22:57 , more or less kept the heart around 140 . Did hills , up 4 degree grade and down 2 ... cool treadmill ! Did 13-15K at my desired 10K pace of 13.3 Km .

I need a new pair of shoes , the race kit I picked up on Sunday had a book called "Get Movin with Saucony ! It explained the Pronation VS required support thing . I love the shoes I am running in now ! The ones prior to this were Dogs , felt like bricks ! What I learned from this booklet is that the shoes I love provide no stability , the ones that were dogs were stabilized . I love the " no stability" , if feels like they are an extension of my feet ! The stability shoes felt like i strapped on a couple of bricks . So much for the advice from Sport Check , they have good products at great prices but you better be a very well informed consumer.... I am learning . I think I will break down and pay a few more $$ and go to the running room . This brings me to another delima , I am going to have to buy at least two different types of shoes , one for road / treadmill and another for trail running ! I used the street shoes on the trail and did the treads ever get beat up !

Next race I am considering is a 25K trail race in Waterloo or a Half Marathon Road Race in Wasaga Beach the following weekend .... better the new shoes soon !


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