Monday, August 20, 2007

This is my running blog bit it really is tough not to include a few other things that go on on life. Running rules.... it has such a profound effect on so many aspects of ones life !

This is my last midnight shift for awhile , did a 21Km run last night so I laid off the run and lifted weights . I have changed my weight routine as a result of my desire to run further and somewhat faster . I used to lift heavy doing 3 set of 4-8 reps to exhaustion , did this for bulk and hit a Max weight of 196 lbs a couple of years ago . Now as a runner I am doing more reps at lighter weights , 4 set of 12 reps and never to exhaustion .... but close . Body weight is 181 lbs and holding . Last nights run was a 2000 calorie burn , seems that the legs are getting bigger , slightly less body fat and the bulky muscle has declined .

I doubt I will get a chance to run today , I have to change my body to sleeping at night . I am however going to get another pair of running shoes. I have two pairs I want to have a look at and
I am leaning towards the Saucony but will decide after I try them out . I know that the trail shoe is going to have to be a little more stable , I hope its not too stiff . I rally like the Addia's that I have been running with for the last 1.5 years but they are not trail shoes and are getting near the end of life .


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