Sunday, January 29, 2012

Better Run Today

Took it outside again today. The weather was much better, -3C with a light breeze and a few clouds. Left the Shell at home in favour of the Firewall Jacket. It turned out to be a good choice , never felt real chilled but was a wee bit hot at times. I was constantly fiddling with the zipper depending on which way I was going, if the sun was out and how the effort I was putting out. Also on a positive note nothing hurt , well all was 95% good. Logged a total of 17.0 K in 1hrs40min17sec for an average pace of 5:54/K. It was really good to take it outside. The route was amazing , North on the 2nd , East on the Holland/Glenelg towline then South on the Baseline to Grey Rd 12. The baseline is by far the best part of the run. Its very narrow with thick Cedar trees brushing up against the road. Beside being very pretty the trees act as a really good wind break.

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