Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unplanned reset day

Unplanned reset day today. On Saturdays outdoor run I had a bit of tooth pain that subsided when I was done. Sunday it was a whole lot more tooth pain. By Monday Night I was doubled over breaking out in a sweat. Made an trip to the Dentist this morning and now have a root canal scheduled for Monday morning. Although I had to show my driver’s license to get the prescription filled I am buzzed but still in a ton of pain. So no running today but hopefully by tomorrow the Antibiotics will kick in and it will be better by Saturdays Creemore Snow Run.

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Anne said...

umm no driving right.... and there is a good street value on those so if you don't use them all up sell them to fund your next race.HAHhah
When I had my root cael I saved my percets for serious pain. Thus after dirty girls I had one. Bliss.