Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It was a great day....

I really really enjoyed the Run for Kids 6 Hour Ultra this past Saturday. I was pleased with my results and it more or less tells me that what I have been doing is OK and to stick with the plan going forward! Looking back I know I didn't take care of nutrition , hydration and electrolytes as well as I could have or should have but it was a bit of an experiment. Passing by an aide station every 239 meters meant I could push it to the edges , consume then carry on and that more or less what I did. Its a little different when the aide stations are 5K apart ... less room for crash and recover. Yet another lesson learned!

Recovery was speedy fast , no muscle pain 24 or 48 hours out. I was a little tired and a little hungry on Sunday other then that I felt great... spent Sunday Eve Skiing at Blue!

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