Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long Run ...not what I planned.

Was going to Ski today but the weather sucked! Had to run to Hanover today so I thought I would hit the Gym at work on the way. Was only intending ona 2 hour 20+K run because teh plan was to go Skiing when it started snowing this Eve. Then I remembered that I have to take Mason and Robin to Broom ball in Mildymay tonight so the Skiing is out. With time on my side I decided to keep going logging a 30.4K run. I did the same progressive run as New Years Eve , 1st 5K at 6:00 pace , 5-10K at 5:45, 10-15 at 5:30, 15-20 at 5:15, 20-25 at 5:00 the 3K at 5:30, 2K at 6:00 followed by a 400m walk ( cut the walk short ...nature called). Hope to Ski tomorrow and sometime during the day log a 12K or there abouts easy run. If we don't get any snow over night and it gets colder I may be able to do a trail run tomorrow. Now that would be sweet!

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