Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not so good yesterday

Had to head over Hanover way so I set aside a few hours enroute to pop into the gym at work. Did something to my left knee when I lugged around a couple of jugs of bottled water. I know loading it up can cause some problems and I was really pissed at myself. Started off with a 1K walk then over the next few Ks increased to a 6:00 pace. Things were working good so I thought I would do a progressive run increasing 15 sec/.K every 5K. 5-10K were at a planned 5:45 pace and it was OK until I had to make a bathroom stop. Getting back on the treadmill I ramped it back up again but never really felt good. The legs were tired and my GI issues were bugging me. I did the next 10K at a 6:00-5:45 pace never feeling like picking it up. So I decided to wrap it up at 20K doing a further 2K cool down logging a 22K run. Not so bad, not so great ....could have skipped it. Today I think I need to take it outside. I haven't been out since mid Dec so its a little overdue. Temps are just below freezing ( almost shorts weather ) and there is light snow,, maybe just maybe 17K.

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Janice said...

Outside temp is lovely. It was a bit slippery last night once it started getting dark. Not a problem except when running downhill!