Sunday, January 1, 2012

Progressive long run

Did a progressive long run to wrap up 2011 yesterday. Spent just shy of 3 hours on the treadmill logging 31K. Started the run at a 6:00 pace and then increased 15 sec/K every 5K. 0-5K was done at 6:00, 5-10K was 5:45/K, 10-15k at 5:30/k, 15-20k at 5:15/K, 20-25K at 5:00/K then I backed it down 25-27.5K at 5:30 , 27.5-30K at 6:00 then to complete the run I did a 1K walk. Gelled twice and drank 2 bottles of GU Brew so I took care of things. The run was relatively easy through 25K but strangely enough when I slowed it down it seemed to get tougher....I was glad to finish.

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