Monday, January 16, 2012

Lousy week of running ....

After the Run for Kids I took a couple of days off then came down with a cold working mids so I haven't been doing nearly as much running as I normally would have. The great fear is aggravating the cold and getting a secondary bug of some sorts. Yesterday I did a 10ker and the plan was to do 12K this morning BUT that didn't quiet happen! Had good intentions when I strarted but things just didn't feel right. Usually I run through it but tonight wasn't it. Tried running faster but that only made it worse so at 5K doing a 4:30 pace I knocked it down to a walk and cooled down for another 1/2K. So a lousy 5.5K logged .... now for a good turn around off mids so I can get back on track ASAP!

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